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Early Jobs Of 6 Famous Billionaires

Early Jobs Of 6 Famous Billionaires

No one starts his/her career at the top. Experience really matters here and often, a bit of time, to succeed. Even the exceptional entrepreneur and innovator, Steve Jobs, spent quite some time trying to discover his purpose and direction in his early years, abandoning his job as a designer of video games to travel through […]

Tips To Boost Your Interview Performance

Tips To Boost Your Interview Performance

Interviews are your best opportunity to sell your skills and abilities. Also, they give you a chance to know if the job and company are right for you. The following are therefore tips to boost your interview performance. GET A FREE MINI SAMPLE OF YOUR CV HERE (CLICK) Go through common interview questions. You can […]

Complete Step By Step Guide To Writing A Successful CV


The thought of constructing a new CV and a good one at that, fills many people with dread especially to the newbies. Your CV is that tool that creates the first impression with a potential employer. Notwithstanding, all you need is a cut-out plan that covers both lay-out and content. Note that each country has their […]

Four Signs It May Be Time To Get Help For Your CV

Four Signs It May Be Time To Get Help For Your CV

If you have been sending out your CV and have not been getting positive responses, this may be the right time to look deeply into your document which represents your connection to the recruitment world. The following are the four signs it may be time to get help for your CV if any of them […]

How To Make A CV Stand Out

How to make a CV stand out

The labour market has become volatile and fierce. For each slot or position available, hundreds or thousands of job seekers will always be waiting in line. This is true especially when you view it from the perspective of online applications. When it comes to building your CV, everything humanly possible must be done to make […]

How To Write An Exceptional Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Do you really need a cover letter? It depends on the scenario. Notwithstanding, as a general rule, yes. You need to learn how to write an exceptional cover letter. The reason is that only about 12% of applicants bother to accompany their CVs with personalized cover letter. Consequently, you have only separated yourself from the […]

Quick Points On CV Writing

Points on CV Writing

You need to create distinct sections that are well-defined so that once a recruiter picks up your CV, within 15 to 30 seconds, the content of your CV is easily decipherable. This is what gives your CV the attention needed thereby winning you a call-up for interview. The quick points on CV writing are: Professional/Profile/Career […]

How ATS Works

How ATS Works

‘ATS’ stands for ‘Applicant Tracking System’. It also refers to ‘Candidate Management System’. How ATS works ought to be known. It is a software application designed to aid organizations in recruiting suitable candidates for available spaces more efficiently. Other important uses of this software include: Job postings on corporate websites or job boards. CVs/resumes screening. […]

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