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Note that we don’t solicit or cajole our clients for testimonials. All The Over 40 ‘Wow’ Testimonials on this site were voluntarily sent-in and lifted directly from the mails received. How did we know that this service has been effective? We have received more referrals than any other means. Meaning that if it wasn’t working for those we’ve worked on their documents, they wouldn’t have been referring other prospective clients to this enviable service. We are indeed the best CV writers in Nigeria with attendant results. Read what one of our clients sent in below and more HERE :

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CV Sample 1;

CV Rewrite

CV Samples

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Your CV is most often all that a potential employer has to judge you on. So constructing a powerful first impression is absolutely essential especially when there are many job seekers jostling for the same position.


Yes, the CVs on this site are “catchy and attractive” but much more than this, is their respective “content” which keeps the viewers spellbound… and that’s where we come in. The fact is “You wouldn’t know how haphazardly written your CV is (content-wise) until it’s handled or re-crafted by a professional in this field”. Want to see your CV scale the job hunt hurdles effortlessly, then let’s prove that to you now!


What To Expect As We Rewrite Your CV From The Scratch:

  Attractive and recruiter friendly CV layout (not template)

 Befitting “Profile Summary” (no other outfit constructs this better than us)

 Well-constructed job duties/responsibilities (keyword focused)

 Highlight your accomplishments/achievements (we’ll help you out with this; you’ll love our excellent input here)

 Relevant keywords to help advance your job search

 Fine-tuned to align with your industry or career focus

•  Get past all the automated HR filters such as ATS

 100% satisfaction rate



CV – ₦3,000

Cover Letter – ₦1,500

CV + Cover Letter – ₦4,000


*  We also offer other professional services such as writing of: Business Proposal, Statement of Purpose, Application Letter, Linkedin Profile Makeover, etc. For your enquiries on the aforementioned, contact us via the email address or phone number below.



  1. Fill this short form below (while you upload your CV) and click on “Submit”.  

    CV Rewrite Order Form

    Acceptable file types: doc, docx, pdf.
    Maximum file size: 1mb.


    Alternatively, you may send your CV as an attachment to: …Use “CV Rewrite” or “CV & Cover Letter Rewrite” as the subject of your mail. You may even send it via Whatsapp to: 0802 855 6407

  2. Transfer or pay the designated amount into any of these bank accounts:

  • GTBank … 0151442622 … Jekayinfa O. Benjamin

  • UBA …. 2080601854 …. Jekayinfa O. Benjamin

  • Send a Whatsapp message or call 0802 855 6407 immediately the payment is effected. Otherwise, we’ll know by comparing the depositor’s name to the one on the CV sent-in. Once this is established, you’ll receive an acknowledgement confirming your payment and the delivery date of your package.


Click Here To Fill This Comprehensive Form If You’ve Not Written Any CV At All Before (i.e. Fresh Graduates or Those Who Just Concluded Their NYSC Service).


You’ll receive a reply from us immediately acknowledging your request and the next step to take to complete your order if you’ve not done so (and possibly a screenshot of what to expect). If you have any question or issues uploading your CV, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the Whatsapp logo below for a live chat now:


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*T&C: The price quoted above applies to a two-page CV. Extra pages will attract the sum of N500 for each additional page of any CV sent-in even though it will be adjusted or compressed to the standard 2 or maximum of 3 pages from our end except it’s an academic CV which can be more.


CV Sample 2:

CV Sample 1

CV Sample 1


CV Sample 3:

CV Samples

CV Sample 2


CV Sample 4:

Note that a CV with an attached picture like the one below should never be sent out except otherwise stated or specifically requested by recruiters/employers.

CV Sample 3

CV Samples



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CV Testimonials

CV Testimonial

CV Testimonial

Oyewole (Testimonial)

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Free CV Grader

Free CV Grader

Would you rather prefer to see a preview of how your CV ought to be written (both in content and layout) before you place your order? Request for this using “Mini CV” as the subject of your mail while you attach your current CV . Send to:

Note however that this is subject to availability of time. We normally treat this request if we don’t have any order/document on queue. This approach therefore requires some level of patience as those that paid must be attended to first. If you need it soon, don’t opt for this please.

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