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Please, read and understand the following instructions on how to complete the CV Order Form thoroughly:

  • The information on “How to pay for this service” can be found HERE
  • If you’d like us to rewrite your CV just like the samples you’ve seen on this site with your own refined keyword content, fill this form below and upload your current CV (if you have one already) in the space provided.
  • If however you don’t have any CV to attach (i.e. fresh graduates) or you want it written from the scratch, just endeavor to fill all other required columns apart from the upload/attachment section. This task is straightforward and takes few minutes to complete. You can even fill it comfortably on your mobile phone.
  • The sections marked “Required” must be filled before your submission can be successful. Otherwise, if you already have information on the required section on the CV you’re uploading, just put “N/A” (Not Applicable). If there is any information you’ve not included or inadequately represented on the CV you’re attaching/uploading, you’ll do well to present them in the appropriate column of this form.
  • Immediately you submit the form, you’ll receive a Confirmation Email from us acknowledging the receipt of your document but we’ll only act on your request once we confirm your payment.

* Should you have any challenge submitting the form successfully, just send your responses via Email or Whatsapp by numbering your answers accordingly (in the order of their appearance on the form below and no need of repeating the questions). Only send in those ones that are relevant to you especially if it would be accompanied by your current CV. Send or 0802 855 6407 (Whatsapp). That should suffice.

Comprehensive CV Order Form

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

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