How ATS Works

ATS’ stands for ‘Applicant Tracking System’. It also refers to ‘Candidate Management System’. How ATS works ought to be known. It is a software application designed to aid organizations in recruiting suitable candidates for available spaces more efficiently. Other important uses of this software include:

  • Job postings on corporate websites or job boards.
  • CVs/resumes screening.
  • Generating interview requests via email to qualified candidates.
  • Tracking of Individual applicant.
  • Creating custom input forms.
  • Pre-screening questions generation.

How ATS Works

Based on statistics, roughly 60% of all medium-size companies and almost 95% of all large or established organizations/corporations make use of this application software. As the employment market keeps expanding, more organizations have started shifting their attention from manually selecting preferred candidates to automated method which makes their operation easy and fast effortlessly. For these big corporation and medium-size companies, the issue of spending 15 to 30 seconds manually on your CV is fast fading out as the ATS software almost, if not totally, functions at the same level with which search engines such as Google, Bing, etc, operate.

By now, if you’re wondering why you’ve not been receiving invites for job tests/interviews for desired openings, perhaps you need to look closely at your CV again to see if truly you’ve done all that it takes to be promoted to that platform. One big question that should therefore be at the back of your mind is “Is my CV/resume optimized for the right keywords for the position I’m applying for?” If not, the ATS will misread it and rank it as a bad match with the opening, regardless of the candidate’s qualifications.

This is how ATS works. The software takes into cognizance keywords or phrases that actually match the available job. Once your CV or Resume is uploaded, the application automatically chooses it only if it contains those certain number or specified keywords. If not, it will be rejected for insufficient keyword preferences.

4 Tips For Optimizing Your CV For An ATS

  • Don’t send your CV as a PDF because the ATS software lacks a standard method in structuring this type of document. It can easily misread it. Should a recruiting firm specifically demands for PDF, that means, it will be manually processed. Always send your CV in Doc format.
  • Always make use of ‘call to action’ or content words that specifically relate to your career path or the job you’re applying for.
  • The content of your CV MUST be grammatically flawless. Most job applicants are carelessly unaware of the grammatical errors underlying their CVs especially in the environment of spellings. Try to subject your CV to critic or appraisal before onward submission to recruiters.
  • Avoid the use of tables and graphics. ATS can’t read graphics and in most cases, misread tables. This software reads tables ‘up and down’ instead of ‘left to right’.

Is this information useful to you on how ATS works? Feel free to air your views in the comment section.

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