How To Make A CV Stand Out

The labour market has become volatile and fierce. For each slot or position available, hundreds or thousands of job seekers will always be waiting in line. This is true especially when you view it from the perspective of online applications. When it comes to building your CV, everything humanly possible must be done to make it outstanding. You’ve got to construct a stand-out CV that no recruiter can disdain or skip over. Therefore, this how to make a CV stand out.

How to make a CV stand out

Tips To Make Your CV Outstanding From The Packs:

  • Educational Accomplishments should be stressed. Giving prominence to this is especially true if your employment history or work experience is very short. ‘Freshers’ or those about to graduate from the education system should take note of this. If you have a good grade, point it out. Volunteer work you’re involved in and its effect on the community, etc. These will prove that despite your limited work experience, you’ve already demonstrated a good sense of responsibility, consistency and how to relate with others.
  • Success and Responsibility should be highlighted using numbers to quantify your worth. State how your input brought about changes; be it via profit margin, volume of sales or business expansion. For example, If you’re a supervisor, mention the number of workers under you; total projects brought into the company and how they have improved the income of the company; how much you’re able to save your company in terms of cutting costs, etc.
  • Keywords or Phrases must be adequately used especially those ones that relate to your career path. These will ensure your hitting the right notes. Most medium size and highly placed organizations or corporations most often make use of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to make their selection process quick and effortless.
  • Power Words are focused verbs that portrays you as a player that gets things done effectively. Begin your sentences with power words such as: maximized, increased, initiated, resolved, etc. These words are crucial for emphasizing that you don’t just perform tasks, essentially, you produce outstanding results.
  • Highlight Awards/Achievements/Recognition bestowed on you to acknowledge your contributions which may include being part of a team that carried out successful projects. Outstanding CVs normally use keywords such as: selected by, recognized for, elected, etc.

In conclusion, try as much as possible to tailor your CV to fit into the position you are applying for. Gone are those days of sending out the same CV for all and every available position. Recruiters can perceive them from miles away and this can put your identity in a generic category where ‘everything goes’. Therefore, a concrete way to create an outstanding CV is to have professionals in this vicinity review it and if possible, fix all the glitches for you. This is the most effective way through which you can construct an outstanding CV – providing everything from designs, key-words/phrases, and possibly showing you examples of exceptional CVs.


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